The Animal History Group is a London-based research network open to all postgraduates, academics, museum workers and other professionals whose work engages with animals within history. We foster connections between those active in this field within the London area and beyond, with the goal of inspiring, creating and developing new knowledge about the place of animals within post-Enlightenment history.

Our network is centred around a programme of regular reading groups, seminars and lectures, which are held at King’s College London. We also plan a workshop for summer 2017.

You can follow us on Twitter at @AnimalHistories or email us at

Animal History Group Summer Workshop, King’s College London, 1st June 2017.

‘Co-operation and Conflict’

Keynote speaker: Harriet Ritvo (Arthur J. Conner Professor of History, MIT).

For further programme details and registration information please click here.

Upcoming Events

Reading Group – 5pm, 24th May 2017. Collecting Evolution.

For this week’s reading group, please drop us an email if you plan to attend and we can circulate the papers.

Seminar – 6:30pm, 24th May 2017. Collecting Evolution: The Galápagos Expedition that Vindicated Darwin’,

Matthew J. James, Department of Geology, Sonoma State University.

Further details can be found here.